Friday, December 11, 2015

4 reasons you should never live together with your partner before marriage

Unhappy couple
Cohabitation is a big step to take in any relationship and both parties involved have to consider the pros and cons before living under the same roof.
Couples in such relationships may grow apart in the long run if they lived together for the wrong reasons. This is one bad side of couples cohabiting.

If you and your partner are thinking of living together, here are some wrong reasons to make that decision:
1. To avoid or hasten a marriage proposal: This is specifically for the men, as much as living together means everything except that you aren't married to her. Slowing down on a marriage proposal or hastening it may be a wrong reason to live together.
Marriage proposal

2. To help you discover yourself: You can never discover your true self by living with your partner. Rather, moving in together would make complicate things for both of you.
3. To save cash: If you think you'll save more money by moving in with your partner, it's better to go get a roommate. Couples who decide to do this should have good jobs so one doesn't become a liability to the other.
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4. If you see it as a fun challenge: Cohabitation requires a lot of determination on both sides, it's not like a fun challenge as you might see it.

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