Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fans Slam Footballer Victor Moses for Speaking With a British Accent

So Peter Okoye posted a few videos of some international footballers sending their love to dance with peter contestants on Wednesday. But this particular video featuring Super Eagle's player, Victor Moses, got most of his fans up all in their feelings. In the video (see below), Victor was seen commending dance with Peter contestants;

I' m Victor Moses, wishing you all a great final for the dance with Pe-er (Peter) show. Pe-er (Peter) you've been great, you have all been great, Pe-er.......Victor said.

The only problem Victor committed was that he spoke with a British accent, he actually omitted 'T' when pronouncing Peter, and Peter's fans dragged him all over instagram for that. While most of them said the poor guy was faking the accent, others came to his defense, saying that Victor actually got to the UK when he was still a toddler, so it's fair to say that his accent must have changed over the years.

Anyway, check out the video below and hear it for yourself;

lol  Pe-er, your fans have no chill at all.

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