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Reasons behind my semi-nude ‘no bra day’ photos —Dimplez


Seun Akinnuga, a.k.a Dimplez, took the social media and indeed the entertainment world by storm when she released some tantalizing semi-nude photos to celebrate the ‘no bra day’ which held a couple of months ago. She set a whirlpool of responses, which according to her, took no skin off her teeth, but gave her two latest singles; “Auto Mechanic” and “Kowole” some wings to fly. Hear her as she gets more personal as our Showtime Celebrity.

Unveiling Dimplez I am Oluwaseun Akinnuga from Ogun state. I am called Dimplez because whenever I smile, my dimples come out. I have been doing music for two years. It all started from the church. I attended a Bible school for a month and at the end of the training, I sang a special song. The pastor and some of the choristers told me I have a good voice after listening to my song. I was asked to join the choir. I started with gospel music, but I had to make a switch.
From gospel to secular music
I stopped doing gospel music because I wasn’t able to express myself. Secular music would give me the platform to be able to express myself better. Now, I sing realistic songs, songs people can relate with easily.
Handling criticism
It took a while for even my parents to support me. I was criticised for leaving gospel music for secular. When I was doing gospel music, the support was there. There was a particular event I attended and I wasn’t given the opportunity to perform because I was a gospel artiste. Other secular artistes performed but I didn’t perform despite the fact my birthday was on that day.
Comparing gospel to secular music
Secular music is the thing for me. Gospel music isn’t bad too but most gospel artistes don’t practice what they sing, so what’s the use?”
Inspiration behind her single ‘Auto Mechanic’
My song, Auto Mechanic is dedicated to a guy.I didn’t want to be too vulgar with the lyrics so I had to code it with some expressions. I didn’t want to be too wild with the lyrics either. If you listen to the song, you will discover that I wasn’t raw because I wanted it to be played on radio stations. By listening to it, you would know the message I was trying to pass across. One day, I was at home and my dad’s auto mechanic came to fix his car. He asked the mechanic: “What happened to the car’s engine”? It was then it occurred to me that I can make a song out of the experience.
What makes her different?
What works for me is a blend of sex appeal and talent. In the Nigerian music industry, you need to do something crazy in order to be able to gain people’s attention. I have met several upcoming artistes who are talented, but not yet successful. This desire to be different made me go ahead with the No-bra day photo shoot.
Her seminude photos shoot
Days before ‘No bra day’ was celebrated, I just decided that I was going to do something crazy for the coming No bra day. I went to the studio, took some pictures without bra, seminude pictures. The pictures were sent to some blogs and it went viral. I didn’t know it would go that far. I am happy with the responses. It’s just that my parents didn’t find it funny. They asked me why I would have to go that far because of fame. Someone came to show my mum the story your newspaper did. My mum wasn’t comfortable with it. However, my critics do worse things. I was just trying to get people’s attention. I like the way people insulted me. I am known everywhere now and I am happy. I read some of the comments online and at a point I had to stop because it was getting to me. I cried and slept over it. My manager later advised me to stop reading the comments.
Her fashion limits
I can wear anything as long as it looks good on me. I can even put on pant and bra for a performance, depending on how I want to look. As long as it looks good on me.
Sexual advances
It’s not a new thing. I get sexual advances from some music producers. They give me the option of not paying for my production so they can get “down” with me. I simply tell them I can pay for the production.
Going the extra mile for love
I have gone very far for love. I can recall giving a guy a huge amount of money and he later broke my heart. I don’t see myself recording a love song because love has never been good to me. I don’t believe in love and I am not ready for a relationship. I want to be more serious with my music for now.
Her favorite qualities in a man
I like a guy with a good fashion sense, a guy who smells good. I can date someone who is poor as long as he loves me. I am not after someone who is rich, I am only after love.
Sex symbol
I don’t want to be seen as a sex symbol, though I know I have sexy laps.
Weird moment with a fan
There was a day I went for an event and I was dressed in a revealing outfit. Half of my breast was revealed. A fan saw this and kept shouting: “Nipples! Nipples!!”. This fan forgot that my name is Dimplez and not nipples. My manager had to stop him.
Her challenges as an upcoming act
When you give your songs to DJ, they don’t play it until you persuade them. Another challenge is, I don’t get featured in some shows because I am yet to be popular. My manager encourages me and tries his best to help resolve issues like this.
Saddest moment
My saddest moment was when I broke up with my first boyfriend. It was as if I was going to die. He was my first love. I ended up in the hospital; I took an overdose of drugs. I was about 20 years old then. Right now, I believe all guys are the same. They tell you lies as long as they want to be with you.
What sex means to her
Sex is fun to me. There is nothing bad in having sex as long as you use a condom and you are protected.
The Cynthia Morgan connection
I love Cynthia Morgan and her kind of songs. I love her energy and the way she flaunts her curves. It’s really working for her and her kind of spirit. She really has a thick skin. I will love to work with her.
Final words
I want to say a big thank you to my mum. She paid for my first and second studio session. She paid for my first mix which was about 150,000.

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