Sunday, January 3, 2016

Adaeze Yobo Replies Fan Who Asked Why She is Giving Away Old Stuff Instead of New Ones

To usher in 2016, former beauty queen, Adaeze Yobo, in a new year excitement mood, decided to do a little giveaway to 2 of her lucky Instagram followers.
The giveaway includes the shoes, she and her husband, Joseph Yobo, were putting on in the below picture. Now listen, these shoes are Louboutin and we all know the cost can pay someone's school fees.
 One of her interested followers asked why she's giving out old stuff instead of new ones. "Why not buy new shoes and bags and give out instead of hand-me-downs", the follower wrote.
Adaeze, in her usual witty way, gave the girl a lengthy response, explaining why she is giving those shoes away and why she wants to give them to certain people. Checkout her post below;
Damn you if you don't give,!Damn you if you do! Human beings and our insatiable appetite!

The beauty queen has always been known to give shrewd responses to her followers ,when the need arises. In 2014, her epic response to a faceless instagram follower who insisted that she had slept with husband, Joseph Yobo, left everyone speechless.
Check out their posts below;


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