Monday, January 4, 2016

Black Woman's Story About How She Got Revenge on White Co-Worker, Who Refused to Learn Her Name

                              Tora Shae vented her fury at a man who she claims ignorantly refused to learn her name and said 'hood black girl names sound the same'
A black woman has vented her fury at a man who she claims ignorantly refused to learn her name and said all 'hood black girl names sound the same'.
Tora Shae tweeted that a white co-worker called Evan pointed at the name plaque on her desk and said: 'What the f*** does this say?'

When she spelled her name out for Evan, she claims he responded by faking confusion and asking if her name was Laquisha.

According to Tora ,who spells her name Torra on Facebook, he added: 'Whatever, I won't even try. All those names sound the same anyway.'

After she asked what he meant by that, Evan is said to have replied: 'You know, those hood black girl names. They all sound the same so I refuse to try.'

Tora, who had just sat next to her co-worker for the first time after getting a promotion, says she played it cool, realizing how she could exact her revenge.

Explaining her next move in a string of tweets, she wrote: 'I inhale and say "Yeah, I completely get it Todd", and smile as innocently as as possible.

I spend the next 6 months referring to him as the whitest white boy names I can think of.

'I mean to his face, to other co-workers, in emails, EVERYWHERE!! "Hi, Jake" "Billy asked me to get this to you" "CC: Josh"

'It gets to the point where other people start doing it as well. Not only is it hilarious, but he is clearly mad ... about it!!'

Tora wrote that Evan eventually apologized for being rude and asked her to stop calling him wrong names, but refused.

She wrote: 'Finally I look at him and say "You know what Steve? I'll give it a try. I can't promise anything. White names don't come naturally to me."'
Lol! you know what guys, I experienced something similar at my first job. I had this part time job while studying in Uni. So the first day at the job, my manager asked me to write down the name I would like to be adressed as on my work badge. I wrote down my Nigerian name and gave it to him. A few days later, I got my badge with my English name on it, cos I had both names on my credentials. I said to the guy, " I gave you my Nigerian name, how come my badge has got my English name on it?" and then he went " Noo, you know, our clients will find it difficult to pronounce your name, that's why"

I said "oh ok, but I don't find it difficult pronouncing theirs, no worries, but I'm not gonna use the badge.

So the next day I turned up without my badge. Anyway, to cut the story short, I later got a new badge with my Nigerian name proudly written on it. Funny enough, our clients didn't find it difficult pronouncing it, even a few that struggled with it, found it very exciting, learning how to pronounce it.

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