Sunday, January 3, 2016

Justin Bieber;s sister jazmyn joins Instagram, gets 466k followers in three hours

First of all, I have been on Instagram for over three years and I dont even have 46,000 followers not to talk of 466,000. Justin Bieber's little sister joined Instagram today(about three hours ago) and she already has more followers than many celebrities. The Belibers are not smiling.
The eight year old also  had a lot of likes for her first photo which was also posted on Justin's page.

The photo got  about 29k tweets on Jazmyn's page. (BTW notice the girl that asked Jazmyn to tell Justin she loves him in the comment section) ? LMAO

The same photo also got 1.3 likes on Justin's page.

I will post the same picture on my Instagram page and see what happens... lol

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