Friday, January 1, 2016

Miss Colombia Tells of her 'Humiliation' at Being Wrongly Named Miss Universe

Shock: Just as Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was blowing kisses and waving to her adoring fans she was informed, on live television, that host Steve Harvey had read the results wrong
Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez  opened her heart of the moment the announcer said they had picked the wrong winner.
The 22 -year old beauty queen wrongly named Miss Universe has told of her humiliation at being forced to hand over the crown to Miss Philippines.
 In an interview with Colombian media, miss Colombia revealed: 
‘It will be forever on the video that the Miss Universe was Colombia and I felt the same even though it lasted just three to four minutes.
'It was a very big injustice. It was humiliating for me and for all people in Latin America in the auditorium,'.
'I have been disconnected, I haven't received any phone calls, just a few people have been able to contact me and it is because I needed to grieve for what happened that night.
'It is been so hard for me. I had always been dreamed about being Miss Universe. I dreamed to give that joy not only to my family but also to all Colombia, but I have to continue my life.’
'I thought It was a joke when Steve Harvey said it was a mistake because he is a comedian in USA, but when he actually said I was not Miss Universe everybody was in shock.
'Paulina Vega did not know what to do and she asked me, and I told her take me off the crown. She did it, she put the crown onto the new Miss Universe and she pulled me and said, "Let's go now".
‘I was worried about my parents when everything happened they were very sad. They were destroyed inside. They have been my support they are calm now.’‘Everything comes back to the original owner. I would accept with honour. The crown was first mine I put it on first.she won’t let anyone take away the fact that she was announced as the winner first. 
'I feel like the second Miss universe in a row for Colombia and the third one for the history of our country.’
 She also revealed she has received a flood of lucrative offers in the US since the controversy, including one for $1million to star in a porn film, which she has turned down because  her parents would kill her.

Decision: It was actually Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach who had taken the crown, and Miss Gutierrez had to bend down and allow Former Miss Universe Paulina Vega to remove it from her head

Miss Gutierrez said she has no interest in taking part in another Miss Universe contest after what happened, and she has already closed that episode of her life'

She also commented on speculation the whole episode had been staged as a publicity stunt to boost ratings, adding: ‘I don't know anything about it but of course there are rumours. If they wanted to gain ratings, they got them'

Save face: Miss Vega placed the crown on her rival's head and the telecast abruptly came to an end, before she was allowed a victory lap. Miss Gutierrez described the incident as 'a big injustice'. She said she initially thought it was a joke

Guys, if you think this lady comported herself well on the stage, click on the video  below,to see what happened when the wrong winner was announced on Australia top Model.

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