Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dabota Lawson Throws Shade at Linda Ikeji Over Fake Bag, But Quickly Got Served by Her Followers.

It looks like the former Billionaire's wife, Dabota Lawson, who ran away from her matrimonial home has got her groove back.
Dabota was sitting pretty on Instagram yesterday, throwing shade at popular blogger, Linda Ikeji for buying a fake Birkin bag.


This major shade came after Hermes confirmed that Linda' bad is as fake as it comes. The blogger who is known for posting every single thing from her closet on Instagram got served when some of her followers spotted that one of her designer bags is fake.

Linda insisted that she's too rich to buy fake bags, and angrily put her instagram account on private(which she has unlocked anyway). But her adamant followers forwarded a photo of the bag to Hermes, who responded that the bad is a counterfeit.


So Dabota thinking that Nigerians have forgotten of her marriage crisis so soon, that she came out of the closet throwing shade at Linda, lol, just take a look at how she too got served real quick;



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