Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Game basically told 50cent to grow up!

Rapper the Game and 50cent and his Gunit crew had this supposed life long beef but it all ended when Lloyd Banks was spotted hanging out with the game in Dubai and they took a photo to capture the moment forever.

When the photo went viral, 50 cent who is the head of Gunit crew was not impressed and went on his page to rant and delete. (The Game use to belong in the crew but had a fallout with 50cent). Reacting the 50's outburt, the game said;
In response to "50"....... When I heard banks was in Dubai, I told my niggas, "we're goin thru to holla".... My team thought I was on some bullshit & thought we was going thru to kick off some bullshit... I then told them, "Naw, we ain't on that... We on the other side of the world enjoying ourselves, 1/2 y'all ain't never even left LA... So we gone go thru, show banks party love & im going to personally let him know that me & him are ��...
It's been 11 years since I seen banks & the funny thing is, I told myself.. When I got there I was going to go off his energy... & when we seen each other, it was instantly all good energy, so we chopped it.. threw back a few dranks & took a flick for old times sake to kill the negativity & tension that had once tore one of the GREATEST RAP GROUPS ever apart !!!
At some point, you gotta be a MAN about certain situations so last night that's what I decided to do.. It was MY DECISION !!! Whether Buck, gone admit it or not... I talk to that nigga all the time.. As recent as few months ago when I was in Nashville & it was all love.... Don't front now my nigga... This is ME !!! As for me & you "50"... Our past has proven we could both get on some gangsta shit if need be, being that lives have been lost on both sides..... Lives have been taken from friends, & fathers taken from kids.. Which could've easily been MY LIFE or YOURS..... If you choose to ignore the GROWN MAN approach & continue to harbor HATE for me & my side... That's your decision. 
I can't speak for Banks, but my pride was swallowed last night along with a shot of Hennesey in that club...... Whatever it's gone be is what it's gone be, I said my peace #HateItOrLoveIt

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