Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wizkid slams Linda Ikeji again...you are almost 40 & bitter.

To be honest Wizkid, Linda posts good news about you as well so it is unfair to bash her based on stories she carried about you that you think is negative but then maybe there is more to this their beef than meets the eye? Is there a story behind the Linda Ikeji & Wizkid beef? If he did not bash her that would be one less post to write so here is the gist.

Wizkid is known for calling out the top blogger at intervals. He is at it again and I can only guess that it is due to the stories making rounds about his second babymama Binta Bello. Wizkid first bashed Linda earlier this week by posting an article that ridiculed her by calling her a rich girl with poverty mentality but the singer has also taken the battle to snapchat.

He posted a photo of Linda which you can find below from her modelling days and tagged it "almost 40 & bitter" He also reposted a screenshot from the article he posted on twitter earlier and circled the part about poverty mentality.

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