Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You insult me for buying expensive watches while driving an old car, my watch investment has doubled - Freeze.

We all have that one thing that is always taking our money. For some people it is shoes, bags, clothes, girlfriends, Landlords et.c For me, It is my bank!!!!  For media personality Freeze it is his designers wrist watches. He showed of another of his piece today and talked about how his watches are now worth  alot thanks to the Dollar/Naira exchange rate. He wrote;
At 3am last night I kept staring at this watch.... Something in me smiled knowing I had more than doubled my investment in it with one dollar currently valued at 340 Naira.. Something in me wanted to lash out at my haters with the #IToldYouSo#IKnewWhatIWasDoing hashtags but why rejoice while a nation suffers? Something in me wished the Naira would fall further to N500 to one dollar then this little piece currently valued at $50k would be worth N20m; at N600 it would be worth N30m! Wow my stupid investment
paid off! I remember how people insulted me...... some said I still drive my old car, yet I am buying expensive watches, calling me a fool..... Lol..... Am I still a fool now? Hell no! I hedged my money against a collateral of international value.
 I knew the Naira was going to drown against the dollar, especially with the recklessness of the last regime, coupled with their absolute lack of foresight. Global oil prices were falling, alternative energy was a major issue as every automaker was cutting down engine size and adding a turbo or making their engines hybrid thus demand for oil was dwindling and all of a sudden the US discovered a clever way to produce oil. Most people didn't have my foresight so they didn't share my school of thought..... 
Well they say most people don't see the big picture. It's tempting to laugh at them for the way I was mercilessly crucified.....But I won't... I won't give myself unmerited credit for being a financial genius as I only expected to guard the value of my investment in a dwindling economy, so this is a windfall beyond my wildest expectations. In Genesis 26:12 Isaac sowed and reaped a hundredfold in a time of famine.
 But unlike the biblical Isaac, I don't want a testimony while millions starve. I want my Nigeria back. Back to its original glory of being a land of milk and honey. And for the moral of the story, I would leave Chris Brown to say it with a song: "Please don't judge me, so I won't judge you........"

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