Sunday, December 6, 2015

I did not collect the kind of money they are collecting now - African China

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After launching himself into the mainstream music world about some years ago, Chinagoro, a.k.a African China, stands out as a dependable and social crusader of great reckoning, as his name has become a house-hold name in many homes across Africa.

His emergence in the Nigerian music scene, no doubt, revolutionizes the almost streamlined music culture in the country. Listening to his kind of music invokes feelings of redemption, as one cannot but acknowledge African China’s redemptive philosophy which reunites his fans with the rhythms that defined the music of  departed reggae legends.
His high sense of creativity and accomplishment of high quality entertainment and philosophical undertone combined with liberating enlightenment, makes him the hope of tomorrow’s reggae icon in the world of the Black race.
But it seems the Reggae star has been on ice for a while. When asked why, he said “Well, I just took a break to bond with my family. I didn’t go off the music circuit but had been in the studio working”
Even in his prime would he claim to have made as much money as Davido and Wizkid. Hear him, “No, I did not collect the kind of money they are collecting now. But I think you should know something, we pushed the bill from 30 thousand naira to 8 hundred / one million. I made investments that can compete with whatever they do with their money. Therefore, I don’t regret not making what they are making these days.

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